VLV Membership

 vlv awardsYou can join Voice of the Listener & Viewer (VLV) from just £30 a year. As a member you will become part of an active and influential body which for over 30 years has been making the case for high quality radio and television programmes, independence in broadcasting and for the principles of public service broadcasting.

VLV's work includes producing briefings and responses to current issues and consultations by Government, broadcasters and regulators. These play an important part in shaping future broadcasting policy.

VLV holds public lectures, seminars and conferences all over the UK at affordable prices where anyone can question policy makers, broadcasters and leading decision makers at first hand. VLV is in frequent touch with government departments and ministers, broadcasting regulators and other civil society and consumer groups, and provides an accessible forum for the exchange of views.

VLV membership offers exclusive benefits, which include:

Free personal copy of VLV Quarterly Bulletin, with information about the latest developments in broadcasting policy and the latest VLV events.

Priority booking for VLV Conferences, where you can hear and question leading broadcasters and policy makers at first hand.

Exclusive behind the scenes visits to radio and television centres around the UK.

Types of membership


£30 annually, £22.50 concession


£45 for two at the same address, £40 for concessions.

Concessional rate for over 75s.


Students can take advantage of e-membership at only £10. E-membership entitles students to receive e-mail news about VLV, but does not include copies of VLV's bulletin.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP - please contact the VLV office directly


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or download an application form here and send by post.


£75 annually for Colleges and University Departments. Join VLV Now!

VLV has many university departments and colleges as academic members. By becoming an academic member you will join a growing and influential network which includes further education and higher education lecturers and professors from a range of faculties across the UK. Members include specialists in media, communication studies, journalism and a range of other subjects including citizenship, English and social sciences.

VLV academics and students actively participate in the on-going debate about the future of broadcasting and new media. VLV aims to develop its network of academic members to encourage the contribution of academics and students to the debate on the future of our broadcasting services. VLV has regularly held seminars, conferences and lectures in association with its academic members, including academic conferences in Scotland and Wales. VLV events attract speakers of the highest calibre, and provide a neutral platform for speakers to present their research and views. Students are always welcome to take advantage of a range of special discounts available to them.

Academic membership allows three named members of staff to receive a copy of VLV's Quarterly Bulletin, and an additional copy is sent to your college librarian. You will also enjoy priority booking for VLV conferences and seminars and access to VLV speakers for you, members of your department, and students, plus a 10% discount on VLV publications.

Academic members have one vote at VLV's annual general and other meetings.


£75 annually - Join VLV Now!

VLV can help your organisation to keep pace with fast-changing media developments, legislative and policy changes in broadcasting, and how they may affect your organisation and its work. At VLV conferences and seminars, you and members of your organisation will get a chance to network and hear and question government ministers, policy makers and leading broadcasters at first hand.

Government, politicians and regulators all listen to VLV. We have helped ensure that ITV, Channel 4 and Five continue to be required to broadcast public service programmes, including news, arts, children's and religious programmes, in peak time.

Corporate membership includes three copies of VLV's Quarterly Bulletin to named individuals and a copy for the editor of your own publications or newsletter. You and members of your organisation will also get priority booking for VLV conferences and seminars and a 10% discount on all VLV publications.

VLV has many corporate members, most of whom are registered charities, who between them represent well over one million people in the UK.

Corporate members have one vote at VLV's annual general and other meetings.


Broadcasters, regulators, trade associations and commercial organisations are not eligible to join VLV as members but they may attend VLV events and like to keep informed of VLV conferences and activities. Non-members can do so by subscribing to VLV's quarterly mailing, which includes VLV's Quarterly Bulletin, news of coming events and other information. This subscription brings no membership rights, responsibilities or benefits.

£35 annually.

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