VLV's response to the announcement that BBC3 is to move online

VLV deeply regrets the closure of BBC3 as a broadcast station 


VLV deeply regrets that the BBC Trust, having consulted widely on proposals to close BBC Three as a broadcast channel, has chosen to ignore the results of that public consultation. We believe that facts should have a greater role in a decision than what the Trust terms ‘intuitive force’; and the facts are that much of the audience will be lost by this move.

We also have serious concerns about the proposal to invest in developing online- first content. As a public service broadcaster, funded by the licence fee payer, we believe that content funded by the licence fee should be universally available on terrestrial television. The BBC needs to be careful that it is not creating a situation that strengthen the arguments of those who believe the it should be funded by some form of pay-to-view.

Published by: VLV

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