BBC Governance

VLV publishes conclusions from BBC Governance Roundtable 

In order to inform its decision on the best model for BBC Governance during the next Charter, VLV has brought together leading figures in the broadcasting policy world to hear what they think the best solution is for the BBC and licence fee payers. 

While there was some consensus, there are still many issues which remain unresolved. There is no easy answer to the question of the best way to govern the BBC. It is a unique institution and many of the existing models of governance and regulation simply do not apply. However, VLV has come to some preliminary conclusions which it put forward this week in its submissions to the House of Lords Communications Committee and the CMS Select Committee. 

We believe that the BBC should have a unitary board with non-executive Chair, a majority of non-executive board members and this board should be responsible for the running of the BBC. We propose that a separate, independent body should be established to build on the valuable work the BBC Trust has begun in consulting with licence fee payers, assessing whether the BBC is fulfilling its public purposes and holding the corporation to account. Separately, we propose that Ofcom should take on all content regulation for the BBC. 

You can read the full notes from the roundtable event here


Published by: VLV

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