Making VLV's voice heard - recent submissions and contributions to consultations in 2015


VLV has submitted responses to the following consultations.


Full versions of the responses can be read  here.


Ofcom's Third Public Service Broadcasting Review: Public Service Content in a Connected Society

Ofcom's Review of Channel 4 Corporation's Delivery of its Media Duties (2010 - 2013)


BBC Trust service review of network speech radio: BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 4 Extra, BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Radio 5 live Sports Extra 

The BBC Trust Public Value Test of the BBC Executive's proposals for the closure of BBC Three as a broadcast channel


Draft Radio Spectrum Policy Group Opinion on Common Policy Objectives for WRC-15

Draft RSPG Opinion on a long-term strategy on the future use of the UHF band [470-790 MHz] in the European Union

Published by: VLV

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