VLV response to Green Paper on BBC Charter Review

The VLV has responded to the announcement of the Green Paper by the Culture Secretary, John Whittingdale, today Thursday 16 July, in the House of Commons.

Colin Browne, Chairman of VLV, said “We welcome the opportunity the Green Paper will provide for the public to be involved in the debate about the future of the BBC. The recent licence fee settlement did not allow for any public debate and was an unacceptable raid on the BBC’s income to fund government social policy, namely free licence fees for the over 75s.

"The preamble to this debate has not been edifying, with leaks and political point scoring. The BBC is too important an institution to be a political football. Now citizens must have their voice.

"The Voice of the Listener & Viewer will act as a stakeholder during the current consultation, representing the interests of listeners and viewers.  The BBC is not owned by its staff or by politicians, it is owned by the public because they pay the licence fee. 

VLV believes that the BBC should provide something for everyone because we all pay for it. We will be fighting for this to remain the case in the coming months.”

16 July 2015


 Notes to editors

  1. One of the major areas of VLV's work is to respond to public consultations on broadcasting held by government, regulators and broadcasters. VLV has responded to many major public consultations concerned with broadcasting and media policy - making the case for public service broadcasting and ensuring that the interests of viewers and listeners are kept in mind. 

      Recent responses to relevant consultations include:

      The DCMS Perry     Review on decriminalisation of the licence fee (read submission here

     The Select Committee on the Future of the BBC

(read submission here

     and Ofcom's Public Service Review (read submission here    

Go to Information and Consultations to read other responses to BBC Trust, Ofcom, DCMS and EU consultations

  1. The Voice of the Listener & Viewer (VLV) is an independent, non-profit-making membership association, free from political, commercial and sectarian affiliations, working for quality and diversity in British broadcasting content. VLV represents the interests of listeners and viewers as citizens and consumers across the full range of broadcasting issues. VLV is concerned with the structures, regulation, funding and institutions that underpin the British broadcasting system.  VLV is a charitable company limited by guarantee.
  2. For 30 years VLV has played a unique role in keeping a citizen’s eye on major legislative proposals and action taken by regulators and broadcasters, enabling the voice of consumers to be heard, independently from the interests of political parties, industry players and other pressure groups. 
  3. VLV is run by a board of Trustees, chaired by Colin Browne.   Dame Colette Bowe is its newly appointed President.  She succeeded Jocelyn Hay, who founded VLV in 1983 and was its president until her death in 2014.



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