VLV on The Future of the BBC

Evidence to the CMS Select Committee Inquiry on
The Future of the BBC

VLV has submitted its evidence to the House of Commons CMS Select Committee on The Future of the BBC.

In summary it has said:

  • VLV believes that public service broadcasting is the jewel in the crown of the media landscape of the UK, helping to ensure excellence and diversely in programming and to underpin the quality of the national debate.  A publicly owned BBC is the cornerstone of this topology and needs to be of sufficient  scale and scope, to meet citizens’ expectations and deliver its Royal Charter remit.
  • The BBC’s purpose should be to serve the communications needs,rights and interests of UK citizens.
  • All the BBC’s channels and services need to demonstrate clear public service value.
  • The VLV believes that public funding is necessary if the BBC is to continue to meet the expectations placed upon it. The licence fee, while not ideal, remains the fairest and most effective way of funding the BBC’s core activities for the foreseeable future and needs to be set at a realistic level that allows the BBC to plan with confidence
  • Funding  from the licence fee should be protected for use by core BBC services and not diverted to other purposes; and the BBC needs to be able to demonstrate that it is using its money effectively and efficiently to discharge its Charter commitments.

The full submission can be read here.




Published by: VLV

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