VLV comments on Communications Consumer Panel's draft work plan 2013/14

VLV has submitted its response to the Communications Consumer Panel's draft Work Plan 2013/14 which you can read here.

VLV's response is limited to the fifth key area of the plan, the coexistence of new services in the 800 MHz band.  VLV has taken an interest in this issue since the use of the spectrum freed up by the switch to digital broadcasting for terrestrial television became a subject of public debate.

VLV has exceptionally asked the Panel to consider adding long term spectrum coexistence to the areas under review for 2013/14.  In particular VLV asked  the panel to seek assurances that the needs of citizens using DTT are protected, when the mobile technology companies buy more spectrum; ask to see the government's long term strategy for spectrum use; and ensure that any lessons learnt from the impact of the current 800 MHz exercise are used in developing future plans.

Published by: VLV

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