VLV urges Ofcom to consider new quotas to increase the volume of children's TV

Ofcom Review of Children's Content - January 2018

In its submission to the Ofcom Review of children’s content VLV proposes that there should be new conditions in the commercial PSB’s licences. The Digital Economy Act in 2017 gave Ofcom new powers to assess the delivery of children's content by the UK's public service broadcasters and, if necessary, set new conditions to ensure there is an adequate supply of content for children on free to air TV channels.

From VLV’s perspective, the main argument for having children’s content on mainstream free to air TV platforms is a civic one related to issues of cultural identity and diversity, including access to information and knowledge. All of these are reflected in PSB Purposes and Characteristics, which reflect the type of environment we might wish our children to grow up in.

You can read the full submission here.

Published by: VLV

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