VLV speaks out on possible changes to Ofcom

VLV's concern over impact on programmes of possible Ofcom changes

"VLV is concerned that proposals in a DCMS consultation on possible changes in Ofcom's role could have a negative impact on the amount and quality of public service broadcasting content,"  says Colin Browne, Chairman of Voice of the Listener & Viewer.

VLV believes that the proposed reduction in regular PSB Reviews undertaken by Ofcom would weaken an important health check on the performance of PSBs.  VLV also questions the wisdom of transferring to the Secretary of State decisions on the timing and content of such reviews, as this would open the way for decisions to be taken on a political basis, potentially opening the PSBs to political interference.

In a highly competitive market-place all broadcasters want to achieve ratings to attract advertising revenue. It is cheaper to buy acquisitions than to make original programming and often these attract ratings as high as home-grown content in certain slots. We want to encourage the PSBs to maintain their level of high quality, original, UK-produced programming. It is only through proper regulation this will happen.

In its response to Ofcom's review of Channel 3 and Channel 5's programming obligations VLV welcomed ITV's and Channel 5’s restated commitment to network news and current affairs and UK production quotas.  You can read VLV's full submission here.

DCMS has announced a consultation on the range of Ofcom's powers.  VLV will be looking at the proposals in great detail.  Do please send us your views. 

All responses need to be sent in before 25 June 2013.  The full details of the proposals can be read here.

The issues have been aired in the press - read the Daily Mirror here and The Times here to see comments from Board Director Sophie Chalk.

Read complete release here.

Published by: VLV

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