VLV's views on BBC Online and BBC Red Button

VLV has sent its views on BBC Online and BBC Red Button to the BBC Trust in response to its service reviews.

VLV has supported and commented on the adoption of all new communications technologies by the BBC;  it has supported and commented on the iPlayer at several stages of its development and has made comments on the BBC websites and the use of the internet.  VLV welcomed the integration of the many platforms available to the BBC for communicating its output.

In light of VLV’s appreciation of the importance of multi-platform content it has initiated an award for a programme or series which utilises the best elements of the all platforms now available to broadcasters as one of our Annual Awards for Broadcasting Excellence. This was awarded to the BBC’s Symphony in 2011.

tn-interactive-tv.jpgVLV, however, is concerned that much of the supplementary content for programmes provided on BBC websites is still not available in any form to a significant number of viewers and listeners. This is particularly important as the elderly are avid consumers of both radio and TV and make up a significant proportion of those without internet access in the home. Ofcom data indicates that internet access is still below 50% for those over 65.

Convergence means that there is no longer one way to use all that the BBC offers – both immediate broadcasts and information beyond the broadcasts. There is a plethora of ways to access television and radio programmes, BBC Online information and Red Button services.  This can be very confusing for the audiences.  VLV admires the pioneering use of the Red Button during the 2012 Olympic Games – an exceptional and landmark use which gave viewers access in an unprecedented way.

You can read VLV's full submission here.



Published by: VLV

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