VLV responds to DCMS Commercial Radio deregulation consultation

VLV is concerned that many of the DCMS current proposals for Commercial Radio Degulation will reduce listener choice and lead to a reduction in the localness of local radio content.

Local news and information encourage community cohesion and local democratic debate. Commercial local radio is very popular and has a reach far higher than BBC local radio. VLV would not wish any change in regulation to provide an incentive for commercial radio operators to reduce their provision of such content.

VLV agrees that the current format restrictions on the three national analogue services should remain. If current format restrictions were removed it is likely that this would reduce the range of choice of services for listeners who have not yet switched over to DAB.

VLV agrees with the government’s preliminary position that there should still be requirements for national and local commercial radio to provide news and that this should be extended to include essential core information such as traffic and weather services. 

VLV would like to see a regulatory solution which ensures that existing requirements for FM/AM stations are carried over to their equivalent services on DAB after switchover.

You can read the full submission here

Published by: VLV

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