VLV concerns about BBC and Ofcom accountability aired on Radio 4 Feedback

Following the publication of the new BBC Operating Licence by Ofcom on October 13th VLV is concerned that the new regulation and governance model of the BBC will lead to significantly less consultation with licence fee payers. 

VLV's greatest concern is that neither Ofcom nor the BBC have announced plans to engage with audiences which matches the audience engagement programme conducted by the BBC Trust. VLV considers this could lead to a reduction in BBC accountability. 

You  can listen to the interview on Feedback which highlights our concerns 14 minutes into programme which is available on the BBC Radio iPlayer here.

The new licence does not retain existing quotas for drama on Radio 3 and Radio 4 or comedy on Radio 4. VLV argued that it should in order to maintain the distinctiveness of the BBC. The BBC has written to Ofcom confirming that it has no intention to reduce this output during the coming year however VLV still holds that these quotas should not be dropped. 


Published by: VLV

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