Our background and objectives



Background to VLV

The Voice of the Listener & Viewer - the VLV - campaigns for  excellence  and diversity in UK broadcasting.

Most of us take for granted the range and quality of our television, radio and online services, although we may not realise just how admired the British system is in much of the rest of the world. But we should not take it for granted. The face of broadcasting is being changed by a combination of commercial, political and technological pressures.

A universally available service, free to consumers at the point of reception, is fundamental to our system but the Government is considering changing this to a subscription based system which means everyone will have to pay for what they watch.

The future of the BBC is dependent on the outcome of the current Charter Review process. Of course, we need to hold the BBC to account, but we also need to make sure that it continues to be a force for good in British society and has adequate resources to be able to deliver against its remit.

There is talk of privatising Channel 4 which could undermine its current not for profit model.

Overseas companies are stalking ITV while Five is already foreign owned.


Voice of the Listener & Viewer's aims are to:

  • Safeguard the quality, diversity and editorial integrity of broadcast programmes
  • Promote wider choice of high quality programmes
  • Fight undue influence over broadcasting by commercial, political, sectarian or other interests
  • Raise awareness of the crucial role broadcasting plays in democracy and in our national and community life and culture
  • Work to ensure that the opportunities innovation and new digital technologies provide are developed for the benefit of all
  • Promote the potential of broadcasting and digital media to contribute to education in formal institutions and informal settings throughout the lifespan

VLV's Objectives

Current objectives are to:

  •  channel 4Safeguard the independence of BBC governance and the quality and range of BBC programmes and services by supporting the licence fee until such time as another method is developed that provides the same benefits
  • Monitor the work of relevant regulatory bodies, and try to ensure that they function in the interests of listeners and viewers
  • Safeguard the future of Channel 4 as a public corporation with a public service remit and monitor how it fulfils that special remit
  • Monitor the growth of cable, satellite and subscription services, and their impact on terrestrial and free- to-view services
  • Support research into all aspects of broadcasting, including innovation in the sector and digital media
  • Publish regular reports and briefings on broadcasting issues and, through VLV's quarterly news Bulletin, public events and website help to develop an informed and appreciative audience for British broadcasting
  • Support innovative developments in broadcasting and digital media that bridge the digitial divide and so ensure that high quality, affordable content can be accessed by all
  • Provide an open forum for the discussion of broadcasting issues and digitial media by holding seminars and public conferences on topical themes at affordable prices throughout the UK
  • Monitor the provision of children's and educational broadcast programmes and promote their continuing importance through the activities of the VLV Forums for Children's and Educational Broadcasting
  • Support the principles of public service broadcasting around the world.

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