Working with other interested organisations

PUBLIC VOICE - VLV representing the interests of civil society

VLV has joined with the International Broadcasting Trust in re-forming Public Voice, the civil society coalition which had a huge influence over broadcasting policy for citizens in the early 2000s. It was instrumental in ensuring that when Ofcom was created, its work focused on the interests of citizens rather than just consumers.  It also fed into the last Charter Review debate. VLV is on the steering committee of Public Voice, alongside Oxfam, the Disasters Emergency Committee, Media Trust and IBT.  We will be working hard with Public Voice in the coming months to ensure that our interests, as citizens, are heard in the debate about public service broadcasting.



Chairman Colin Browne was a Panel speaker at a Brussels seminar organised by the Wider Spectrum Group, ahead of crucial decisions on the future use of spectrum. Keynote speakers at the seminar, which was attended by EU officials, MEPs and decision makers across the AV sector, were Pascal Lamy, former EU Commissioner for Trade and author of the Lamy Report on the Future of the UHF Band; and Guenther Oettinger, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society. Speakers underlined the importance of safeguarding spectrum for free-to –air terrestrial broadcasting, in the face of growing demand from the mobile network operators.


The VLV is a member of, or liaises with and/or representatives attend meetings of the following groups:

National Radio Archive Working Group   

Ofcom's Consumer Forum for Communications 

National Council of Women 


Children's Media Foundation


EURALVA and many others.